Company Profile

The company was founded in the 1950's and specialises in the production

and rental of transformer stations and accessories.

The stations are suitable for a wide range of applications and are individually manufactured according to customer specifications.


In 2000 Alexander Siegl became the CEO of a successful and  internationally renowned business.


60 years of experience in planning, production, processing, assembly, maintenance and world-wide distribution of transformer stations - all from a single source - is proof of our success.


In 2009 the company expanded to new and modern premises in Moosdorf in Upper Austria.

The original production facility in Oberndorf near Salzburg remains as an additional location for producing structural steelworks and toll-manufacturing.


With the latest technology Laser equipment, CNC-milling and Laser cutting technology, CAD drawing equipment guarantee a seamless process delivery and short, flexible delivery times.

We guarantee exceptional quality and customer satisfaction.


Certified according to ISO 9001:2008







Siegl Elektro Produktions- und VertriebsgmbH

Gewerbepark Süd 10

5141 Moosdorf



+43 (0) 720 316 800

+43 (0) 720 316 803